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Big One: Stelle e strisce tricolore!

The Italian Reiner covers the 2011 NRHA Futurity … Loris Epis, che e slittato al secondo posto con il suo score di 220 in sella a Resting Whiz (Topsail Whiz per Forget the Rest). A differenza dei molti cavalieri che gareggiano a Oklahoma, praticamente nati in sella, Epis ha cominciato tardi a montare…

Lil Joe Cash Cashes In

… In the mornings competition, which was populated with riders from the level 1, 2 and 3 open divisions, Epis had taken a decisive lead with 220 points aboard the mare Resting Whiz…

Partners in Promotion

… there was a natural opportunity for OQHA to pair up with the sport of Reining to deliver something fun, informative, with a “coming to your TV soon” spin on it, to the events OQHA attended in 2010.OQHA found that partnership with Ontario Reiner Loris Epis…

When It Reins in Quebec 2008 Article by: Jo-Anne Denis