We focus our training programs on consistency, preparation and balance. Our horses are athletes and we treat them as such. From the high performance feed to grooming and daily maintenance, we prepare them, both mentally and physically for the show pen. Whether it is the Rookie or the Open class, we believe in developing our horses to the best of their abilities through a consistent, well balanced program.



Being competitively successful in the show pen is not only about having the best trained horse but is also about having the best prepared horse. Our Team begins well before the show getting our horses prepared from the food we feed to the shine of their coats. Of course the objective is always victory, but having the horse run its individual best is our most important goal.


Our Show Team is our pride and joy. We get just as much gratification when our students do well as when we do well. Watching our students grow and better themselves is by far the greatest high. Our coaching and lesson are specially designed for each student and include pattern preparation, showman skills, as well as show pen tips and tricks. Visit our lessons page for more information.


We offer customized training, coaching and showing clinics from beginner to advance level riders and horses. Contact us for more information.